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Celltrion Healthcare

We contribute to the improvement of patient welfare and access to healthcare by offering innovative biologics to Canadians.

BUSINESSWe strive to achieve sustainable growth.

Celltrion Healthcare will shape a healthier and happier future for humanity by offering high-quality biologics.

Celltrion Healthcare offers biologics to about 110 countries, along with more than 30 global partners around the world. With hands-on experience and knowledge accumulated through years of working in major worldwide markets, Celltrion Healthcare has secured distribution channels to provide patients with biosimilars at affordable prices. Celltrion Healthcare has now come to Canada to bring innovative biologic solutions to address Canadian healthcare needs.


Celltrion Healthcare turns "Opportunities" into "Realities".

  • 창의력의 느낌인 전구 아이콘

    We hire people who think outside the box, are creative, and solution-oriented.
  • 날리는 깃발 아이콘

    PrinciplesCompliance with Principles
    We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, and strive to maintain confidence and trust.
  • 법원 느낌의 건물 아이콘

    InnovationThe Spirit of Challenge
    We are committed to overcoming all challenges in our path.
  • 지구본 아이콘

    World BestThe Pursuit to Be the World’s Best
    We strive to be leaders through professionalism and competence.


Celltrion: a leading
global biologics

Celltrion Healthcare has become the world’s leading company that specializes in biologics by offering high-quality biosimilars to about 110 countries, with the ultimate goal of promoting the welfare of humanity.

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